Victoria Beckham Workout Routine and Diet

“I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got. I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele.” –Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is more than just a former Spice Girl.

She is a fitness icon for women everywhere. Her slim, toned look is a testament to her dedication to fitness and at age 36, she is still a role model for women of all ages. What’s her secret? Well, it’s definitely not dancing on stage or kicking around a soccer ball. Like other celebs with great bodies, it simply comes down to a solid workout routine and a sensible eating plan. The Victoria Beckham workout routine and diet is no exception.

Victoria Beckham is a fitness role model for women.

Victoria does a massive amount of cardio.

How much? According to her, four to five miles of running per day. As I discussed in my post on the best cardio workout, this high volume of medium intensity steady state cardio has its pros and cons. The positive is that it burns quite a few calories. A four to five mile run can easily burn a few hundred calories. The negative aspect of this is potential burnout if you overdo it. Too much of this type of cardio can produce some adverse side effects such as inflammation. However, this is probably more of a concern for someone who does marathon type training rather than for someone who runs a few miles per day.

Her workout routine is methodical.

She goes to the gym every morning without fail and prefers to run on the treadmill. Morning cardio workouts can be very effective for fat loss, especially when done on an empty stomach because this is when the body is primed for burning fat. The treadmill isn’t a piece of equipment that I use, personally. However, many women seem to prefer running on a treadmill. According to her husband, David, “Victoria’s obsessed with working out.” Building a consistent, no-nonsense routine like this will virtually guarantee success in the long run.

David and Victoria are both in excellent shape.

David Beckham, in contrast, employs a much different cardio routine.

He dislikes running on the treadmill. He prefers to train outdoors. Also, his running isn’t limited to steady state cardio. Instead, he does intervals at varying levels of intensity. This is similar to the type of conditioning that many professional soccer clubs employ. Soccer workouts often focus on interval cardio because it mimics the type of running players experience on the field. Obviously, this is very effective in sculpting a lean physique because soccer players arguably boast the best bodies of all athletes.

Victoria’s diet is on point as well.

This isn’t surprising because even large consistent doses of cardio aren’t enough to overcome a terrible diet. There are a couple of components to Victoria’s eating plan. First, she eats healthy foods the overwhelming majority of the time. She admits to going out and eating whatever she wants every once in a while, but for the most part, she sticks to foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fish. The second thing she does is watch portion size. This is also very important because calorie restriction is key to any successful fat loss plan.

It’s hard to not workout when you’re constantly on display in Hollywood.

Surprisingly, Victoria used to hate working out.

She changed her stance almost immediately after moving to Los Angeles a few years ago. I suppose when you’re immersed in a culture that is so focused on looks and glamour, working out becomes a natural part of day-to-day life. Of course it probably also helps that she is married to one of the fittest athletes on the planet in David Beckham. However, the Victoria Beckham workout routine and the David Beckham workout are like night and day. This just goes to show that there are many ways to get lean and you are most likely to succeed by picking a routine you enjoy and one that you will stick to. For women seeking a routine which is laser focused on shaping a sleek, feminine look like that of Victoria Beckham, Visual Impact for Women is an excellent program to follow.



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    On the fasted cardio in the morning, I think the jury is still out on this as to whether it burns more fat or not. Craig Ballantyne on his ttfatloss blog just this week posted some findings in some new research that there wasn’t an fat loss advantage when doing it fasted (in fact, the non-fasted group showed more fat loss). I like doing mine fasted simply because it feels good to eat afterwards.:)

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    Very cool post!
    I am sure Victoria Beckham works her butt off and has looked great at times, I haven’t seen her in a while, but she has looked too thin at times. Then again, maybe the long cardio sessions have given her that look.

    David Beckham’s type of workout is perfect for him as long cardio would not help him while playing on the field. Interval type cardio definitely keeps him in shape for the type of activity that goes on in a soccer; quick, explosive and athletic.

    @ Mike, I also read Ballantyne’s article and it was an interesting read. Either way, I can’t do a workout on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning). I have tried it on a couple of occasions and the feeling I had was not pleasant at all.

    Sam- Look Like An Athlete´s last blog post ..A Complete Upper Chest Workout For Bigger Pecs

  3. says

    @ Mike,

    I saw Craig’s article, but I’m not 100% sold on the research yet. I have personally noticed big differences in fat loss when I train fasted compared to when I don’t.

    @ Sam,

    Victoria has always been slim and once she started training regularly, this probably made her even more thin. Either way, I think she looks great especially for her age.

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    Nice review of Victoria Beckham’s workout routine and diet. The big advantage she has over the average person is that she has unlimited time and pretty much unlimited money so she doesn’t have as many daily obligations as regular people. Still, I give her credit for working so hard. I guess that’s what the spotlight can do for you…provide extreme motivation to constantly improve your fitness level.

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    @ Dave,

    I definitely get jealous of certain celebs who have all day to workout. For normal people like us, efficient training is very important.

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    I’m a Spice Girls fan and Beckham fan as well. Cool post!

    I am with you on the fasted workouts. Not because I blindly subscribe to the research I have read, but because of personal experience. Research is great, but until I follow it and it gives me results I can’t trust it. The hard part is determining the impact of individual variables when doing personal health research.

    For example I started doing fasted workouts and I experienced a change in my appearance. At the same time however I was doing more cardio, so which variable actually produced the effect…not sure…maybe a combination of both. In any event, I think that once you find something that works, and there is some logical explanation that fits your view, I say STICK WITH IT!

    Jordan – The Healthy Teacher´s last blog post ..Genotype vs Phenotype- The Difference

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    I like her and David Beckham. I give anyone, celebrity or not, credit for consistently working out. I think it would be hard to stay consistent living in that kind of environment. I think if I was a celebrity, I might look more like John Goodman rather than David Beckham! It would be like being on vacation with the food and drinking, but it would be 24 hours a day!

    Kelly-Fitness Overhaul´s last blog post ..Visual Impact Workout At Home

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    @ Jordan,

    Having worked with statistics quite a bit, I’m pretty convinced that you can find research to support almost anything. I’m with you in that I really only care about what works for me and whether or not I am seeing results.

    @ Kelly,

    I doubt you’d look like John Goodman… you’re way too motivated for that! The 24-7 vacation lifestyle would be tempting, though. I think if I were a celeb and constantly in the spotlight, my ego alone would probably be enough to prevent me from letting myself go.

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    Great post! While I personally think there are much more effective and enjoyable ways to stay in shape I agree that consistency is the biggest factor in reaching your goals. I think it must be the pressure of Hollywood rather than the fact that she’s a celebrity that has motivated her to workout because she has been famous for about 15 years and only recently felt the pressure to workout.
    David Gowing – Advanced Health & Fitness´s last blog post ..Measuring Progress &amp Beating My Score!

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    Cool post. This girl definitely knows what she’s doing. She’s got a great body. But I think it makes things a bit easier when your husband is making over 50 million a year :)

    Speaking of her husband, that black and white picture of them two looks more scary than appealing. Maybe it’s just me.
    Srdjan – Bloom to Fit´s last blog post ..Putting Things in Perspective

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    @ David,

    Good point. Consistency is key. I’m sure almost anyone can run a few miles per day for a week, but keeping that up long-term is impressive, celebrity or not.

    @ Srdjan,

    She does look a little scary in that pic. Almost like she’s protecting her $50m prize…

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    Nice post, I think Victoria is slated a lot for her appearance with many people accusing her of eating disorders etc.

    It is good to see that she is actually following a healthy approach to staying lean because she is such a big role model for many women and having her come out and tell everybody exactly what she does to stay in shape will hopefully have a positive impact on her fans.

    As a united fan Beckham can do no wrong for me!



    ps Last night was an amazing result if we keep playing like that there is no one to fear. Bring it on

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    @ Howard,

    I agree. She is a role model especially for mothers who are trying to get into great shape. As you know, I’m also a Beckham and United fan.

    I’m really hoping we pull of the double this year. Kind of bummed about the loss to Man City in the FA Cup, but the league is pretty much in the bag and we’re looking good in the Champions League too!

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    @ Haley,

    I agree. I’m a big David Beckham fan, and I have a lot of respect for the entire family. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Here in the U.K Vicky Beckham gets a hard time (well less so since she moved to the States) but I think she’s a really good example of how hard work can get you wherever you want to go. She said herself she’s not the greatest singer, and she obviously puts in some serious effort to stay in shape, but the results speak for themselves.


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    @ Michael,

    I agree. I think anyone can learn a thing or two from her work ethic, whether they are fitness-minded or not. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Yeah..but she has got the time to go and workout. The fact she goes to the gym every morning..surely she should be at home sorting her kids out for the school day and getting breakfasts ready!! She makes her children other people’s problem…very selfish!!

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