You are the CEO of Your Own Life

“Talent is the No. 1 priority for a CEO. You think it’s about vision and strategy, but you have to get the right people first.” -Andrea Jung

I’ve worked for a large company for several years now.

In this time, I have built up a tremendous amount of respect for our CEO. Many people think CEOs in corporate America make too much money, but I feel that they take on a responsibility that warrants a superior level of compensation. In many cases, they are the driving forces behind billion dollar enterprises and the livelihoods of all of their employees are in their hands. The decisions they make on a day-to-day basis literally impact thousands of lives. There aren’t many people who are both capable and willing to take on a job like this. Most people in a given corporation are either lower level employees or middle managers and while they have a much smaller stake in the solvency of their company, they do have responsibility for their own enterprises. We are all CEOs of our own lives.

Steve Jobs was a great CEO not only because he was brilliant, but also because he had the ability to bring in and retain "A+ players".

Steve Jobs was a great CEO not only because he was brilliant, but also because he had the ability to bring in and retain “A+ players”.

Think about this for a second.

We make hundreds of decisions on a day-to-day basis that directly and indirectly affect the quality of our lives. The CEO likely has a CFO that oversees corporate finances. Likewise, you may have a financial advisor who does the same or you may act as your own CFO. Either way, you are ultimately responsible for your bank accounts, debts and investments. You can think about this as the “personal finance division” of your life. If the CEO of a company makes poor financial decisions, the company may go under. If you make poor financial decisions, you may go bankrupt. There are several other divisions of your life as well. As the CEO, you are ultimately responsible for your education, health, relationships, etc. Balancing all of these different areas of your life and trying to be the best you can at all of them isn’t easy, but this is what CEOs must do.

In a typical company, you will have your big main areas of focus.

There’s corporate finance, R&D (research and development), PR (public relations), operations and HR (human resources) among others. Each of these plays a huge role in the success of your enterprise. I believe every person has a “division” of their life that is similar to each of these. Corporate finance = personal finance. R&D = education. PR = relationships. Operations = time and resource management. HR = health and fitness. As the CEO of your life, it is your responsibility to make sure each of these areas is functioning at the highest level so that your life can be as awesome as possible. I believe the people who are most successful are doing great things in each of these areas. For example, success in personal finance doesn’t necessarily mean having the highest earnings, but the highest profit. Just like companies are judged on NET income, your financial state is a result of how much you keep or generate IN EXCESS of how much you spend. This is how true wealth is built.

Each company has its own pieces that come together to create a sum that's greater than its parts.  Your own life is not unlike this.

Each company has its own pieces that come together to create a sum that’s greater than its parts. Your own life is not unlike this.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to discuss your HR piece – health and fitness.

In a large company, human resources will make or break the organization. The best companies have the best employees. They do everything they can to hire the best talent and keep them. Look at Google. They spend a lot of money on perks like free food to keep their employees happy and productive. From their standpoint, it makes sense to do this because they know their employees are the engine that keeps the machine going strong. In your life, your body is the engine, its components and systems are your employees and your health and fitness is your HR division. If you feed it crap, don’t get enough sleep and do other things that are detrimental, your entire organization (your whole life) will suffer. You may be able to get by for a while just like a company may be able to get by for a while with mediocre HR practices. But eventually, it will catch up to you and literally ruin your life.

When your employees are overworked or underpaid, they will probably either leave or worse, get burned out and continue unhappily grinding out their jobs.

When your body is overworked or malnourished, your energy levels will be low, your hormonal profile will be out of whack and you will not be able to maximize your potential in the other areas of your life. When you are dragging physically, your mental sharpness is compromised and you can’t show up 100% for your loved ones or for your job. Your relationships and earning potential may become strained. You won’t be as happy and fulfilled as you can be. You may think you’re doing fine being overweight, but you have no idea how much better off you will be at everything when you are physically fit and healthy. In order to maximize your potential for having an awesome life, you must take care of yourself FIRST. This is why I consider health and fitness to be the highest priority of all of my life “divisions”. I put it ahead of my job, my short-term wants, even my family.

This may seem selfish to some people.

Rather than try to argue my point, I’ll defer to this video clip below by one of my favorite YouTubers, Elliot Hulse. He hits the nail right on the head about three minutes in when he describes WHY he puts his health above even his family. Since I couldn’t explain myself any better than this, I’ll just let you watch it. Just be forewarned that he swears a lot so if you are offended by cursing then you should probably just skip it. If you are ok with the potty mouth, then I’m sure he will get my message across better than I could myself. Also if you are ok with the potty mouth, and you’re interested in seeing some amazing videos that will help you grow stronger both physically and mentally, then I suggest checking out Elliot’s YouTube Strength Camp channel. He has probably the most magnetizing presence on camera of anyone I have ever seen and his content is top-notch. Alright, so that’s it. Go take care of your health and fitness and watch the other areas of your life improve in parallel.

Why you should “quit everything and train”:


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  1. So happy to hear that I’m not the only one who puts my health above my friends and family. I’ve been chastised before. For example: “Oh, so you had time to go on a run but not time to stop by the house?” Well, yes mother, in fact, I did. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post. I think I’ll do down to the park and go for a run :)

  2. @ Lindsay,

    It’s a different viewpoint than most people take which is probably why you get chastised for it, but it’s great that you hold true to your beliefs without letting others phase you. That’s the best way to approach it. Health is priceless and it takes time and effort to maintain it. This means you’ll be making sacrifices elsewhere, but it’s well worth it. Thanks for sharing your story!

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