The Lean Gains Method: An Advanced Intermittent Fasting Diet

“The fast is the perfect time to be productive and get things done. Don’t sit around, get bored and brood about food.” -Martin Berkhan

Lean Gains is among the finest health and fitness websites around.

The author, Martin Berkhan, is living proof that you can get absolutely shredded by eating infrequently. This man is one of the most ripped dudes I’ve ever seen. The Lean Gains method is founded on an intermittent fasting diet, however it takes it to a whole new level. Eat Stop Eat recommends one 24-hour fast per week. The Lean Gains protocol incorporates daily fasting. It’s a 16-hour fast with an eight-hour feeding window. I guarantee probably nobody you know is using this tactic. In fact, they probably wouldn’t even think about doing this. They’d possibly tell you that you’re out of your mind for even bringing it up. First, I’ll point out that the people who are normally the most successful do things that nobody else does. So before you conform to the masses, let me explain how it works.

Martin Berkhan of Lean Gains.

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